How Milies became a trusted tech partner for UAE startups

How Milies became a trusted tech partner for UAE startups

The United Arab Emirates is a major hotspot for startups in the Middle East. It now stands at the 2nd spot in the Middle East and 28th globally in the Global Startup Ecosystem Index.

It makes sense that the UAE, with its dominant startup environment in Dubai at the forefront, is becoming an influential regional powerhouse for entrepreneurship. Dubai is not just a popular relocation destination for ambitious Arab entrepreneurs across the MENA area, but it is also a center for innovation in the Arab world, with a high concentration of technical innovation.

Based on our MENA experience at Milies and a large portfolio with Dubai-based companies, we are making this article to provide you with more insights on:

  1. What makes the UAE an attractive tech hub
  2. Why Milies loves working with MENA companies
  3. How Milies became a trusted tech partner for UAE-based startups
  4. Milies’ success stories with clients from the Middle East
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What makes UAE an attractive tech hub

Since the pandemic, the way businesses function and meet client expectations has undergone a radical change. Technology is no longer a separate industry; all businesses can be considered tech companies these days. Nearly every industry in the United Arab Emirates is now considering digitalization and tech innovation because of this shift.

The UAE Chamber of Digital Economy projects that by 2031, the nation's digital economy will reach an estimated value of US$ 140 billion, with a significant portion of this growth coming from tech firms.

The country has a number of factors that make it attractive to any startup:

  • Specialized free trade zones, such as Dubai Internet City and Dubai Silicon Oasis
  • Assistance from the Government in the form of tax reductions, subsidies, and funding
  • A growing economy and a young, educated population
  • Success stories with such examples as, Careem, Namshi, Swvl, and Tabby
  • Abundance of investments, such as $500m investment in AI, research platform

Why Milies loves working with MENA companies?

  • Advanced Technology: The UAE's focus on state-of-the-art technology is a perfect fit with our mission of providing innovative solutions and keeping on the cutting edge of market trends.
  • Vibrant Entrepreneurship: The combination of our innovative concepts with the UAE's entrepreneurial environment increases the chances of mutual success and growth.
  • Easy-to-work Policies and Taxes: The United Arab Emirates provides a business-friendly environment with attractive tax and policy regulations.
  • Web3-friendly Regulations: The regulatory landscape in the UAE aligns with our expertise and interest in Web3, making the country an ideal market for exploring and implementing innovative solutions based on decentralized principles.
  • Visa-free and Cost-effective Destination: This geographical closeness not only reduces travel-related complications but also makes visits cost-effective and efficient.
  • Variety of Businesses: The diverse business landscape of the MENA region enables us to use our knowledge in many industries, contributing to our professional development and expanding our impact.
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How Milies became a trusted tech partner for UAE-based startups

The United Arab Emirates is a significant location for Milies. We have been partnering with startups, small & mid-sized businesses, and enterprises from this country since the establishment of our company.

There are several reasons why UAE-based startups prefer partnering with Milies for outsourcing their tech projects. Let me go over the 5 main reasons.

  1. Location

    Milies is an Armenian company with its headquarters in the capital city of Yerevan. Armenia has been long known as a country of tech minds, especially with a good tech educational background, which comes from the times of the Soviet Union. Most of the tech professionals are multilingual, speaking also English and Arabic. During its history, Armenia often had interactions with the Arab countries. No surprise that Armenians also have cultural similarities with the MENA people, which helps a lot during business meetings, collaborations, and communications.

  2. Time zone

    Armenia has a geographical advantage too. UAE and Armenia are in the same time zone. This makes communication management easy and smooth, without the need to find matching time slots for organizing calls, chatting, or simply working simultaneously.

  3. Regular visits

    Due to the easy regulations between UAE and Armenia, the Milies team can make regular visits to Abu Dhabi and Dubai to meet our clients, make new partnerships, network with like-minded people, and not only. It’s just a 3-hour direct flight from Armenia with no visa requirements.

  4. Cost-effectiveness

    Compared to other software outsourcing destinations, Milies’ cost-quality ratio meets our UAE-based clients’ needs. We are quite flexible in terms of pricing and always strive to make our offers beneficial to both parties, taking into consideration the project needs and our expertise in them.

  5. Accountability

    We at Milies, make partnerships with responsibility and are always accountable for successful project delivery. We do not promise jam tomorrow, instead, we offer quality, trust, and responsibility for delivering services in a timely and professional manner.

Throughout the year, Milies often arranges multiple trips to Abu Dhabi and Dubai to meet with our clients in person and participate in global IT events. One of the most recent ones in which we participated was Gitex 2022, a well-known technology event in the MENA area with an emphasis on the blockchain economy and plans for Dubai's future digital growth.

We intend to return in the summer of 2024. Make an appointment with us in advance to ensure you meet and greet the founders of Milies in person.

Milies taking part in Gitex 2022 technology event

Milies’ case studies with UAE-based clients

Let us unveil two of our Dubai-based partnerships with Prepaire and Skinrave.

Prepaire is a Dubai-based precision medicine and drug discovery app that enables everyone to have access to tailored therapies that align with their unique genetics. It presents an innovative method of detoxifying dangerous drugs, such as opioids and synthetics, by focusing on how they interact with certain cell receptors. With the help of this groundbreaking technique, peptides can be precisely customized, opening the door to tailored therapies and vaccines.

Prepaire introduces the future of regenerative medicine to Dubai. Its genome sequencing services offer a thorough understanding of a person's genetic structure, paving the way for individualized treatments and interventions.

Milies’ team helped with front-end development for this healthcare technology company. We were also responsible for API integration. The initial goal was to develop an MVP. We crafted a holistic solution together with our best front-end development resources to successfully build this MVP platform and have it used by the initial customers.

Web design and development services with Milies

Skinrave is a Dubai-based steam marketplace of CS:GO skins and a gaming platform for 20 million CS:GO daily players. It also offers gaming experiences. The Steam platform needed an experienced team with Steam API experience to build a gaming website where users can deposit and withdraw money using the Skinrave marketplace and crypto.

For the client, security was the highest priority since there were many previous cases of similar websites being hacked or attacked by competitors.

Given our team’s previous big experience working with Steam API ( Steam API development, the case study of which can be found here) and Steam ecosystem, we were able to quickly build the first version, which is now successfully launched and used by many users.

In just 2 months, the platform gained 5000+ users.

Some of the most challenging parts of this project were the marketplace and automated crypto deposits/withdrawals, which our team solved successfully as well. Today the platform also offers its users such gaming experiences as Roulette, Jackpot, Dice, and Coinflip.

Together with the Skinrave team, our Steam API developers also supported features for rewards, promo codes, affiliates, and more. Besides, we also took part in the:

  • CS2 bot development
  • CS2 skin exchange development
  • Rewards and giveaways logic development
  • Bot trading technology development
  • Secure and reliable transaction functionality
  • Blockchain API integration, etc.

Eventually, Skinrave was launched and quickly gained popularity, with frequent updates and weekly new features. Our partnership with Skinrave is ongoing. We are still on a path to redefine CS:GO gaming experience for millions of players daily.

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Anna Khachatryan, Senior Business Development Manager at Milies software development company
Anna Khachatryan

Senior Business Development Manager, Milies