Case Studies

A New Way to Play eSports 🚀

Zengaming, one of our best partners, which is an early-stage startup that builds eSports social network and enables players to connect with other players and teams, to compete and get discovered, aimed to create a totally new, upgraded version of the existing website -, so they hired a team-extension of our qualified developers. allows the users to safely buy, sell and trade instantly in-game items through a trading bot for the lowest trading fees on the market.

Order Up! 🍽

Our client, Health Club Systems, which is an easy-to-use software for billing and support management solutions, as well as services ranging from customer and employee management, marketing strategies, and even custom solutions, contacted us to hire team extensions in order to create a restaurant order/menu management system from scratch for US-based restaurants.

Hot Discounts 🔥

Westwing, one of our partners, is a worldwide home and living eCommerce company with millions of customers all over the world. They are genuine leaders for home enthusiasts, and with all their 11 companies in Europe, Westwingers have become more than just an eCommerce company. They aim to provide the best solutions for their customers and implement the highest features in their services.

Own Your Own Data 🤝

GR0 is one of the leading SEO agencies in the USA. We established cooperation back in Summer 2021 and continue working with them today. We provide all kinds of technical solutions to the GR0 team from custom data visualization tools to Stripe payment integrations and so on.