The Milies Method: Building Trust in the German Tech Landscape

The Milies Method: Building Trust in the German Tech Landscape

Berlin is the second-largest IT powerhouse in Europe after London, and the main reason for this is the perfect environment. The Berlin startup ecosystem is thriving with creative ideas and many highly skilled employees. Unlike other major European cities, the cost of living in Berlin is reasonable. The German Policies are also supportive.

Germany ranked 2nd for the largest ICT market in Europe and 5th largest IT market globally. The ICT sector of Germany has always been the growth engine of the economy of the country. According to the 2024 Germany Technology Salary Guide by Nicoll Curtin, Germany witnessed a rise of 2% in employment across the industry in 2023 only, and currently, the ICT market of Germany is Є215 billion. As per projections, the IT and Communications industry in Germany is set to rise by 4.4% in 2024.

This article presents you with everything you need to know about the rising German ICT market and all the aspects of the market we have assumed from our experience in Milies within the market of Germany. We’ll explore:

  1. The Rise of Berlin as a European Tech Powerhouse
  2. Why Milies Loves Working with German Companies
  3. How Milies Became a Trusted Tech Partner for German Businesses
  4. Milies' Erfolgsgeschichte (Success Stories) with German Clients
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The Rise of Berlin as a European Tech Powerhouse

There are three main German cities that have highly developed tech ecosystem.

  • Munich: the home to the giants, the global tech tigers, Apple, Google, and Microsoft love the Bavarian powerhouse, and it is the perfect place for tech giant companies around the world.
  • Berlin: the startup haven, and in Berlin, innovation is the single most considerable thing. It has a new startup every 20 minutes, and you will be sure to find the pavement art telling you about the startups here.
  • Frankfurt: the fintech frontier. It is the financial center; it is only natural that a massive number of fintech and cybersecurity startups grow and thrive here. Any person who wants to change and revolutionize the sector targets this city.

There are several reasons why Germany in general and these 3 cities have a rapidly growing IT environment.

Government Support

The German government has various schemes launched in support of the startups. Berlin has come up with various programs like the Berlin Startup Scholarship, which gives entrepreneurs an urgent financial bump to complete their dreams of starting their own tech company.

Thriving Tech Community and Big Players

The tech people are attracted to Berlin. It is a tech magnet that allows knowledge sharing and collaborations. The regular meetups and the close by community help with the collaborative effort of the tech talent. Many renowned tech names are in Berlin. Hence one can get closer to the established players in the tech sector.

Education Focus

Berlin has great educational facilities and events for budding entrepreneurs. Universities, co-working, and networking spaces are available to provide an experimental phase and an opportunity for growth.

International Flair and Cost of Living

Berlin has a lower cost of living as compared to the other tech hubs across the world, and many tech people move to this city. It is now a melting pot of culture, and most of Berlin's startup employees are from foreign countries. Even international companies intending to collaborate with German companies have an opportunity to invest. In particular, software outsourcing to Germany is growing to develop their technology initiatives quickly and with quality.

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Why Milies Loves Working with German Companies

  1. Working ethic: Germans are renowned for their punctuality and efficiency. This aligns perfectly with Milies' commitment to meeting deadlines and delivering results. Both parties value respecting schedules and getting things done right.
  2. Clear communication: Clear and concise communication is paramount in German business culture. Milies appreciates this direct approach, ensuring everyone is on the same page and avoiding misunderstandings. Openness and honesty are key to building trust, a foundation Milies prioritizes in all partnerships.
  3. Not just working hard but working smart: Hard work is important, but smart work is also recognized. Many people pretend to work, yet the result is more important than the buzz. Milies manages time effectively and gets a good amount of work done and does not have to show extra activity.
  4. Process-oriented: Germans are systematic and process-oriented and Milies appreciates the level of precision that comes from working this way. It is all about the attention to detail which is necessary to become competitive.
  5. Directness: Milies enjoys the directness with which business interactions are conducted in Germany. Taking straightforward approaches in assessing approvals, concerns, or negotiation points get to the most critical details for making decisions and setting realistic expectations. This approach is highly efficient in making the partnership a successful one.

How Milies became a trusted tech partner for many Germany-based companies

Germany is one of the strategic partnership locations for Milies. We have been partnering with startups, scale-ups, small & mid-sized businesses, and enterprises from this country since the establishment of our company.

There are several reasons why Germany-based companies prefer partnering with Milies for outsourcing their tech projects. Let me go over the 6 main reasons.

  1. Shared work ethic

    The German work ethic is shared by Milies through punctuality, strict deadlines, and clear processes. This cultural alignment ensures a smooth workflow and resonates well with German partners, who often express feeling like they're working with a local team.

  2. Communication

    Milies maintains and promotes clear communication. Dedicated project managers oversee smooth delivery and regular meetings prevent misunderstandings.

  3. Constant visits

    Our co-founders use regular travel to maintain business relationships in the German market. They'll be in Hamburg (May 26-27) and Berlin (May 28-29) this month, and even Amsterdam (May 30-31). If you're in these cities and want to connect, reach out to!

    Milies' business trip to Germany and the Netherlands in May 2024 Milies' business trip to Germany and the Netherlands in May 2024
  4. Big portfolio with clients from Germany

    Our portfolio boasts a significant number of successful projects with German companies across various industries starting from retail and wholesale, up to transportation and logistics. We will talk about two of our case studies with German clients later in this article.

  5. Favorable Time Zone

    The 2-3-hour difference between Armenia and Germany allows for full-fledged real-time cooperation during working hours. Hence, in case of an urgent task and a need to communicate, both sides will be in place and ready to catch up.

  6. Cost Efficiency

    The cost of a German team of programmers is much higher than the cost of Armenian specialists. In the following picture, we will provide a comparison of costs.

Milies’ success stories with clients from Germany

Milies already has an extensive portfolio of successful accomplishments with German companies. The following are true case studies of our experience and collaborative performance.

Case Study 1: E-commerce Platform Development and Enhancement for Westwing

Challenge: Westwing, a leading German online home & living platform, faced a critical Black Friday campaign with outdated technologies that couldn't manage to hold heavily increased traffic.

Solution: Milies contributed to the efforts of Westwing’s team as a highly skilled software outsourcing partner. The outcomes of our implementation came in the following solutions:

  • Strategic refactoring: Modernizing the backend infrastructure for better performance.
  • Migration from Shopify: Transitioning to a custom e-commerce solution for greater scalability.
  • Caching and optimization: Certain web pages’ response time was significantly reduced through caching mechanisms.

Result: The improved platform with enhancements seamlessly handled 200,000 requests per minute during Black Friday, contributing to a successful sales event. It had not only an immediate success but also helped create a foundation for a more powerful and scalable e-commerce platform for Westwing.

Ongoing Partnership: Milies keeps helping Westwing with a team of developers who add new product details pages, make it more staged, add interactive elements, and continue to optimize search, etc.

E-commerce platform development for Westwing | case study

Case Study 2: Parking Management Solution for APCOA

Challenge: APCOA, the leading European parking management company, wanted a reliable partner that would develop several software solutions in different stacks and technologies.

Solution: Milies started to work together with APCOA to have the full-stack development team develop high-quality software based on C# and JavaScript. We delivered solutions across multiple areas:

  • Internal Administration Dashboards: Improved smart parking system for each stakeholder, which leads to better customer satisfaction.
  • Retail Management Application: Functionalities to manage parking slots, fines to allocate, and data collecting and processing.
  • Azure AD Roles & Permissions Management: Data assignment, control, multi-user system managing configuration.
  • IoT Solution with Azure MQTT: IoT project, which uses Azure MQTT system for parking door management.
  • APCOA Flow Application: Thanks to the developed contactless parking system with plate recognizing and payment in the app type, for more than 200 parking garages.
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Management Dashboard & Mobile App: Developed user-friendly solutions for EV charging management in Norway.

Result: By becoming a strategic partner, Milies indicates its readiness to offer complete solutions and surpass customer aspirations. We are playing an active role in the development of its technology by promoting software support of APCOA in the parking business.

Parking management solution for APCOA | case study

Ready to Explore Outsourcing?

These case studies showcase the value Milies brings to German companies. If you're considering software outsourcing, we invite you to learn more. Contact us via our website or email for a free consultation or project estimate.

We will get back to you within one business day to schedule an introductory call or to provide you with an initial estimate based on your technical requirements.

Anna Khachatryan, Senior Business Development Manager at Milies software development company
Anna Khachatryan

Senior Business Development Manager, Milies