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Top 10 Parking Solution Providers in the Middle East

Top 10 Parking Solution Providers in the Middle East

Stuck in a busy Middle Eastern city? Skyscrapers touch the clouds, fancy cars weave through the streets, and the air is filled with honking horns. But beneath all the energy, there's a familiar pain: finding a parking spot. It's a never-ending battle–convenience versus frustration.

But hold on! This doesn't have to end in traffic jams. Today, we're taking a trip to see the cool new ways people are managing parking in the Middle East. From big international companies to local heroes, we'll discover a bunch of different businesses working hard to make parking easier for everyone, both drivers and businesses.

Get ready to see awesome new technology, easy-to-use phone apps, and all sorts of clever ideas that are changing the way we park. So, put on your seatbelt, check your mirror, and get ready to see the future of parking in the Middle East!

Top 10 heroes who help you ditch the parking drama in the Middle East!

  1. Milies
  2. ALS Logistic Solutions
  3. Al Falak Middle East
  4. Cass Parking
  5. Parkomax
  6. ePm Systems and Solutions
  7. KTC International
  8. Omnitec
  9. Hani IT Security Solutions
  10. TVC Parking Management
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  1. Milies

    Milies takes pride in being recognized as one of the best parking management software providers, with an extensive experience of a dozen years and a rich portfolio in smart parking solutions.

    Their skilled team of professionals brings dedication, expertise, and quick solutions to the table. Whether you want an MVP development for your car parking solution to enter the market, or a custom-developed parking lot software system with features such as payment processing, monitoring & enforcement, access control, and reporting, Milies has got you covered.

    Milies is committed to helping the parking management industry grow and offers services to companies looking for a trustworthy software development partner with parking solution experience.

    They have extensive experience with leading parking management solution providers in the world. One of the largest partnerships they made is with a Germany-based full-service parking management system provider that manages 1.3 million spaces across 12 countries.

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  1. ALS Logistic Solutions

    Struggling to control your parking zone? ALS Logistic Solutions can help! They concentrate on creating automatic parking structures that take the trouble out of parking.

    ALS is not just about parking – they may be a one-stop shop for all things logistics automation. They offer an extensive variety of services and products to assist companies efficaciously. Whether you need a brand-new parking gadget or an entire warehouse automation makeover, ALS has the know-how to get the process completed. Their offices in the UAE, Germany, and Singapore, allow them to serve clients globally.

  2. Al Falak Middle East

    Since 1991, Al Falak Middle East has specialized in customized integrated solutions for all homes and smart buildings. This UAE-based company provides a range of services, including high-security systems, parking management, access control for vehicles and pedestrians, visitor management, and surveillance.

    Al Falak’s parking management systems can handle over 1,000 daily traffic movements. They offer consulting, design, and maintenance services for parking management systems. Al Falak Middle East can help with all aspects of setting up and running a parking management system, from initial planning to ongoing maintenance.

  3. Cass parking

    Cass Parking is not your usual parking equipment company. They're based in Dubai and are a big deal in the industry. They use fancy technology like sensors, cameras, and super-smart computer programs to make parking better. Cass Parking offers a range of parking management solutions including ticket-based, token-based, and ticketless parking management systems. Their services also include parking guidance systems using ultrasonic technology, on-street parking systems, IoT-based smart parking solutions, and ANPR systems.

    Even though they're in Dubai, they might help in other places too or work with other companies in different places.

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  1. Parkomax

    Parkomax provides innovative parking management solutions tailored to meet modern demands. Their services include intelligent parking management systems, parking guidance systems, custom kiosks, QR code-based and long-range readers, vehicle finders, and LED screens.

    Parkomax helps its customers streamline operations with advanced control and monitoring, utilizes ultrasonic sensors and LPR cameras to provide real-time parking availability, ensures contactless, efficient access control, as well as enhances user convenience by locating vehicles and displaying parking slot counts.

    These solutions are designed to maximize efficiency and user satisfaction.

  2. ePm Systems and Solutions

    Headquartered in Dubai, ePm Systems and Solutions (ePm UAE) specializes in security and asset management solutions, offering a comprehensive toolkit to keep the workplace and valuables safe and secure.

    They provide a range of parking management solutions, such as smart cards for parking locations, software for parking solutions, automated systems for managing car parks, and parking locating sensors. Their automated parking management solutions automate entrance, exit, and payment procedures, among other areas of parking management, to improve efficiency and customer experience. With parking solution software, they provide comprehensive management tools for parking facilities, allowing operators to monitor and control parking activities in real-time.

  3. KTC International

    KTC International Co. was founded in 1996 and offers a broad range of specialized services and solutions for parking, traffic, security, and IT systems.

    Intelligent transport systems (ITS), mechanical parking, parking guidance systems, on-street parking, parking management systems, and more are services provided by KTC International.

    Through their services, businesses have comprehensive systems for managing parking facilities, solutions for managing public parking spaces on streets, technology to guide drivers to available parking spots, automated systems to maximize parking space efficiency, as well as integrated solutions for smart transportation management.

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  1. Omnitec

    Omnitec is a security and automation company that provides a variety of solutions for the parking industry. They offer both ticket-based and ticketless parking management systems. Their ticket-based system includes features like mobile app integration and maintenance support using tokens or RFID technology.

    Omnitec also provides parking guidance systems to help drivers find available parking spaces. They also provide truck parking solutions, EV chargers, ANPR-based access control systems, gate barriers, and car space protectors. Additionally, they provide smart city parking solutions, integrating IoT for street parking and AI for traffic violation management.

  2. Hani IT Security Solutions

    Hani IT Security Solutions specializes in comprehensive IT and security services, including advanced parking management systems. Their parking solutions feature automated systems for efficient space utilization, access control, and seamless payment processing. They integrate advanced technologies such as RFID and ANPR to enhance security and user convenience in parking facilities.

    Moreover, Hani IT offers parking management systems with parking chip technology as well as QR code readers and multi-standard card readers. These features ensure quick and easy entry and exit. They also offer audio/video intercom facilities, pre-booking, multilingual color displays, and so on.

  3. TVC Parking Management

    Based in the United Arab Emirates, The Valet Company Parking Management offers premium automobile parking services. Their services include operating valet parking services, parking management, gate barrier systems, parking technology solutions, and environmentally sound car detailing, designed to optimize parking operations, enhance efficiency, and improve user experience.

    Their solutions typically include parking facility management, automated payment systems, license plate recognition (LPR), and smart parking guidance systems to streamline operations and enhance user convenience.

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What’s the Future of Parking Management Solutions?

The parking management industry seems to be quite developed and advanced, huh? It already has so many innovations and trends included in it that seems nothing is needed anymore. But the future never stops developing, bringing forward new ideas and tech revolutions that would change our world.

Here are some of the future solutions we see for the parking management industry.

Robotic Parking

To maximize available space, automated systems utilize mechanical structures for parking and picking up automobiles. It will bring forward maximized space utilization and improved security. You will not have to find a parking space on your own. Instead, the robotic parking system will take care of parking your car in the most safe and secure place. There are already some solutions currently developing. However, this type of service is new, and it will undergo several changes and improvements to become more efficient and driver-friendly in the future.

Green and Sustainable Parking Solutions

One of the finest methods to promote environmentally friendly parking structures that aid in implementing sustainable solutions is using green walls and roofs. They are used to reduce the temperature prevailing in the car park and cool the surrounding air. Plants will clean the air quality and release oxygen, improving the quality of the air in the close vicinity of the car park.

AI-Driven Personalized Parking Recommendations

AI integration into parking services will provide an effective and more personalized solution than conventional techniques. AI tools can help to analyze users’ behavior and their preferences by tracking their previous activities such as frequency of visited often places, preferable zones, time records, etc. This data will help to recommend car parking spaces that are suitable for each driver depending on their requirements. Real-time information can be properly analyzed by the AI to inform the drivers about the nearest open parking spaces possible in terms of distance to the particular site, cost, and availability.

We at Milies are keeping our fingers on the pulse, following the latest trends and needs in parking management solutions. We know how important it is to offer solutions that are up to date, and which will make the future, enhancing the parking management systems efficiently and effectively.

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Anna Khachatryan, Senior Business Development Manager at Milies software development company
Anna Khachatryan

Senior Business Development Manager, Milies