green hero conflict resolution llm software development and slack integration

Conflict analytics and resolution AI tool development by Milies software development team
locationYerevan, Armenia
tech stacknode.js, react.js, mongodb, chatgpt, huggingface, docker, aws
industryhuman resources, mental health

about is at the forefront of enhancing digital communication. It is a conflict analytics and resolution AI for fast-scaling startup founders who want to maintain a healthy team culture. The platform champions non-violent interactions, empowering teams to collaborate with understanding and empathy across various applications.

MVP product development by Milies software development company
Slack integration development for
Custom analytics dashboard development by Milies software outsourcing company

Client feedback

Aram Shakhbandaryan

Aram Shakhbandaryan

Executive at

“Milies’ ability to create an AI-bot that felt native to Slack spoke to their technical expertise. The team displayed remarkable skills and expertise in integrating an AI-bot for Slack, creating intuitive dashboards, and designing a robust architecture that aligns with modern-day requirements. They were open to communication, responsive, proactive, and timely. The team has an in-depth understanding of the Slack API. The UI/UX designers did an excellent job ensuring that even non-technical stakeholders can navigate and derive value from them. Also, the agency was not only receptive to feedback but also took the initiative to suggest improvements.“

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