datamask: data anonymization tool development

Data anonymization software development by Milies Milies software outsourcing company
locationAmsterdam, Netherlands
duration2023 - ongoing
tech core, microservices, vue.js
industrydata privacy, legal and compliance

about datamask

DataMask is document anonymization software, empowering users and companies to efficiently anonymize personal sensitive data. The objective of DataMask is to ensure documents are thoroughly anonymized by the software before reaching the processing stage by employees. DataMask guarantees that all anonymized data within the document undergoes irreversible 100% processing, safeguarding privacy.

It helps to ensure data protection through document anonymization and compliance with the GDPR rules. With the DataMask solution users can anonymize all their documents digitally: smart, fast and secure.

Document anonymization tool development for DataMask
Data protection software development case study by Milies software development firm
Software development to automate anonymization

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