insightsoftware: financial reporting, bi, budgeting & epm software

Financial reporting software development by Milies outsourcing house
locationNorth Carolina, USA
duration2020 – 2022
tech stackc#, wpf, wcf, .net core, windows authentication, sql, azure

about insightsoftware

Insightsoftware provides financial reporting, analytics, and enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions. It is designed to help organizations streamline financial planning and analytics (FP&A), enhance business intelligence (BI), and improve overall performance management through EPM software.

Insightsoftware solutions integrate with various financial systems, enabling users to access and analyze their financial data more efficiently, boosting productivity, visibility, accuracy, and compliance.

As a reputable Microsoft partner, Insightsoftware created an Excel ribbon tool that enables users to create formulas and queries, which are translated and executed across different data sources such as Power BI and SQL.

Business intelligence software development for Insightsoftware
Budgeting software development by Milies software development company
EPM software development by Milies software outsourcing team

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