cityshob: iot analytics platform development for smart cities

Smart city platform development for CityShob
locationTel Aviv, Israel
duration2022 - ongoing
tech stackwpf, wcf, mssql, windows services, web sockets, flutter, firebase
industrysmart city, iot

about cityshob

CityShob stands as a leading provider of intelligent smart city solutions, including a diverse array of applications, advanced data analytics, license plate recognition software, and other professional services. Their commitment lies in providing decision-making tools to enhance urban operational efficiency.

The company specializes in delivering a suite of data systems designed for the operational management of city assets. It specializes in IoT data management, Big Data analytics, and advanced analytics. CityShob interconnects millions of data sources to establish a unified platform that manages city assets, critical infrastructure, and corporate entities.

The platform is characterized by its multi-domain, multi-agency, multi-sensor architecture, underpinned by IoT analytics. They achieved this by aggregating IoT data from municipal assets and citizens, conducting real-time data analytics and visualization to proactively predict, alert, and manage the overall city operations.

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