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We take pride in being recognized as one of the best parking management software providers, with an extensive experience of a dozen years and rich portfolio in smart parking solutions.

Our skilled team of professionals brings dedication, expertise, and quick solutions to the table. Whether you want an MVP development for your car parking solution to enter the market, or a custom developed parking lot software system with features such as payment processing, monitoring & enforcement, access control and reporting, we’ve got you covered.

Parking Management Software Solutions by Milies software development company

Parking software solutions we offer to you

Parking management software development case study by Milies

Milies proudly partnered with one of the biggest parking management providers in Europe. Today it is a full-service parking management system that manages 1.3 million spaces across 12 countries.

duration2 years
Tech StackC#, .NET CORE, Node.js, React.js, SQL, MongoDB, Azure
IndustryTransportation and mobility

What was the challenge?

As there were several new parking solution initiatives, which were to be brought to life, our client started searching for a reliable custom software development partner, keeping the focus on establishing a collaborative and strategic partnership to guarantee the smooth integration of the new solutions.

The client’s technical project needs included Fleet management solutions, Parking administration dashboards, LPR and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) solutions. Milies jumped in as a recognized software development partner, which is capable of constructing these systems through a diverse range of cutting-edge technologies.

Milies is a trusted parking management development company

The parking management solutions provided by Milies

Milies assembled a skilled team of full-stack developers, including C# and JavaScript engineers, who played a key role in the client’s parking software development. Here are some of the projects we’ve contributed our parking development specialists:

  1. Custom parking management dashboards for internal operations and for improving their smart parking systems.u
    • Parking slot management in Retail dashboard
    • Car management tools (add, edit, delete, whitelist)
    • Reports and analytics
    • System for handling car fines
  2. Application for managing user roles and permissions within Azure AD. This multi-user system allowed for assigning specific roles and permissions within the system.
  3. Innovative IoT solution that uses Azure MQTT to control parking door access:
    • VM (virtual machine) development with Azure
    • Door opening system triggered by QR code scans
    • MQTT connection for communication with the door opener
    • User-friendly web interface for filling in car license plate information
  4. Mobile application for a contactless safe parking system without a ticket, cash, and stress.
    • Parking with LPR (license plate recognition) with cutting-edge scanner technology boasting an accuracy rate exceeding 99.5%
    • Ticketless payments with automatic barrier opening
    • Gateless parking
    • In-app payment integration
    • Management of 200 parking garages
  5. EV (Electronic Vehicle) Charging Management Dashboard and an intuitive mobile application.

This successful partnership is a testament to our dedication to providing all-inclusive solutions and using our technological know-how to surpass customer expectations.

We're committed to helping the parking management industry grow, and we offer our services to companies looking for a trustworthy software development partner with parking solution experience.

Parking management software development is easy with Milies

Ready to streamline your parking management?

Our team at Milies is excited to learn about your technical requirements and offer first-rate assistance in the creation of parking management systems. We're here to be your reliable technology partner for anything from mobile apps and integrations with third-party tools and APIs to internal dashboards and web applications.

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